29-Day Home Launch Formula

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Homes are unique...

…and shouldn’t be tossed on the market like a grocer tosses a loaf of bread on the shelf. Yet that's what most agents do. 

The 29-Day Home Launch Formula imports Apple’s powerful product launch formula into real estate. It is a proven way to build anticipation and get buyers excited before they see your home... the key to higher price offers. This process works so well it was featured in Forbes

We are not a real estate firm. This is not a "pay-for-leads" referral service. We simply connect serious home sellers with top agents who are trained in this process. We have 29-Day specialists in most communities across the country. 

Selling your home? Give us a call. We'll gladly explain this process by phone. Don't let your home get tossed on the market like a loaf of bread on a shelf. 


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